• Club Level

    Based on variations that we expect you to see in games against non-masters.

  • Consistency

    Similar lines and themes are repeated across chapters and variations.

  • Plans

    Each line leaves you with a plan, without going too deep into the weeds.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome text

    2. Uploading the PGN

    3. PGN File Download

    1. Scotch Game 4...Bc5 Repertoire Video

    1. Scotch Game 4...Nf6 Repertoire Video

    1. Scotch Game Sidelines Repertoire Video

    1. King Pawn Sidelines Repertoire Video

    1. Sicilian Alapin Part 1 Repertoire Video

About this course

  • $59.99
  • 13 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content
  • PGN Download
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We study openings too much. Way too much.

So why did we make an opening course? Let me explain our reasoning.

We surveyed hundreds of chess players. Those who improved the most studied openings using just 5% of their total chess time. We made this repertoire to get you to 5%.

This repertoire is a complete 1.e4 system with the white pieces. In just 99 lines.

There is no reason to spend hours and hours memorizing opening lines you will never see. We've all been there. Studying line 400 of a 1000+ line opening repertoire and wondering if we'll ever use it. Wondering if our time isn't spent better somewhere else.

99 Lines

We condensed everything you will see into just 99 lines. 1.e4 takes time to learn, but you can review it in under an hour.

Just 99 lines? Won't you miss out on essential traps, novelties and gotchyas? Yes and no.

We're going to be recommending offbeat lines. We often recommend strange looking moves that are 4th or 5th most popular. We will get Black out of book before we are.


Since we have fewer lines, we focus heavily on resulting plans.

After each and every line we leave you with a plan. You will never be left in the dark. You will know the best places to put your pieces and how to navigate the middlegame.

Our recommendations are very consistent and you will see many common plans, ideas, and motifs. If you forget a repertoire move in your games-- don't worry. It will be easy to recover. You will know the ideas behind the position.

The best part? This 1.e4 repertoire scores better than most other systems at the club level. We'll show you exactly why.

What do you get?

You will receive a .pgn file with the entire repertoire. It has over 16,000 words of instruction. You will also get over 6.5 hours of video. Delivered instantly to your inbox.

You will get lifetime access to our premium discord. If you have any questions, a line doesn't make sense, or you just want to hang out- join hundreds of other chess improvers in our discord server. You'll get clarity in minutes.

We know you'll love this course as much as we do

If you aren't satisfied with the course in the first 30 days, we will issue a full refund.


“I thoroughly really enjoy the e4 course! Just like the caro-kann and the dynamic slav repo, this e4 repo manages to deliver some really interesting and dynamic middle game positions. I particularly like the scotch game line as it often results in a king-side pawn storm and gives white great attack opportunities. I used to play London a lot, but I like the structure & the diversity of the positions that I can reach using this repo much more. Overall a really fun repo to have!”


“I stumbled on e4 course while looking for reply to French defense. What struck me was that every move was explained in terms of ideas, in language which is easy to understand at my chess rating level. I enjoyed it so much that I started to incorporate other lines from the course in my repertoire and I am now planning to switch to Dynamic Slav just for the benefit of clear explanations, ideas and consistency.”

Raman B

Meet your lead instructor

Matt Jensen earned the National Master title at age 29. He's a trained Statistician and experienced chess coach. Matt's passionate about helping adult improvers reach their goals while having fun.